Názov:Modification of a process code at runtime
Vedúci:Ing. Duąan Bernát, PhD.
Kµúčové slová:patching code at runtime, ptrace, Rust, GNU/Linux, x86-64, code injection
Abstrakt:The general process of patching mistakes or vulnerabilities in software is usually performed by stopping the currently executing problematic version, obtaining a new version of the software in question, and then restarting it. This process incurs downtime unless redundancy is employed and potential loss of state in case of non-persistent computations. In this thesis, we describe procedures to perform patching of code at runtime without requiring cooperation from or a restart of the target software. We implement bakatsugi--a patching toolkit for system administrators designed to replace functions in processes on the GNU/Linux x86-64 platform. We consider the limitations and describe potential future improvements. We chose the Rust programming language for the bulk of the implementation.

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