Názov:The Use of Long Sequencing Reads in Bioinformatics Analysis of Hybrid Genomes
Vedúci:doc. Mgr. Bronislava Brejová, PhD.
Kµúčové slová:hybrid organisms, hybrid genome assembly, sequence alignment
Abstrakt: Hybrid organisms are result of mating of two different organisms. Genome of the offspring is a combination of paternal and maternal genome and most of the sequences are in two highly similar copies, but several percent of positions may differ. Because of these qualities, genome assembly tools may have difficulties to assemble sequencing reads well. In this thesis we focus on analysis of hybrid genomes and propose and test new method based on bioinformatics tools and own code. Our goal is to align available reads against contigs, which can lead to errors identification and potential improvements for the assembly. This method will be tested on hybrid yeast genome of Lodderomyces elongisporus and on synthetically created hybrid genomes.

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