How things could be solved

Exercise 7

Assignment 7.1

I can do this myself, right? :-)

Assignment 7.2

There are no no-comment lines in /etc/inetd.conf and if I'll have a look on netstat's output, there is a astonishing similarity between them.

Assignment 7.3

Assignment 7.4

Append to /etc/hosts.deny line in.telnetd: ALL and to /etc/hosts.allow append in.telnetd: (given that is the IP of computer you would like to grant access to service). By this you attain blocking of both supertelnet and telnet. To be able to differentiate them, you need to change in.telnetd to other program name, e.g. in.supertelnetd, which could be link to original in.telnetd.

Assignment 7.5

Any problem with making mess on other computers? :)