Názov:An end-to-end pipeline for detection of endolysin proteins from raw sequencing reads
Vedúci:Andrej Baláž, MSc.
Kľúčové slová:endolysin, gene annotation, bacteriophage, contig assembly, pipeline
Abstrakt:The overuse of antibiotics has led to the evolution of multiresistant bacteria. These bacteria are resistant to a large number of antibiotics, making the infections caused by them more difficult to cure. For this reason, other methods to cure bacterial infections are being developed. One of the methods is phage therapy involving the use of bacteriophage endolysins to target specific bacteria. Due to the lack of tools designed for the analysis of viral genomes, the discovery of new endolysins requires the use of complex pipelines with a large number of steps involved. To facilitate an easier discovery of new endolysins, we introduce a simple end-to-end pipeline Phendol capable of accurate prediction of endolysins in raw paired-end sequencing reads.

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