Názov:Algorithms for Segmentation of Biological Sequences
Vedúci:doc. Mgr. Bronislava Brejová, PhD.
Kµúčové slová:DNA sequence, evolution history, local alignment, synteny blocks, atoms
Abstrakt:DNA and protein sequences can often be viewed as a mosaic of regions of diverse evolutionary origin. This complex structure is the result of evolutionary mechanisms which move or copy segments of DNA to new locations in the genome. Some portions of DNA can be also lost or gained from outside sources. Study of the underlying evolutionary mechanisms is simplified if we can first identify atomic segments which were likely not disrupted by any large-scale mutations in recent evolutionary history. The goal of the thesis is to develop algorithms for finding such atomic segments in input sequences. Most related approaches are not based on any clear formulation of the computational problem, and thus an important part of the thesis is also development of suitable formalization.

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