Názov:Engineering Compressed Bit Vectors
Vedúci:Mgr. Jakub Kováč, PhD.
Kµúčové slová:bit vector, succinct data structures
Abstrakt:Succinct data structures are interesting in scenarios, when we work with huge amount of data and ordinary data structures could limit us because of their memory requirements. Bit vector with operations access, rank a select is a building block of many practically useful succinct data structures. We are mainly concerned with implementation of bit vector based on the RRR representation that divides bit sequence into individually compressed blocks. In our work, we introduced a new algorithm for block encoding and decoding and also a hybrid implementation that leaves some blocks uncompressed in exchange for space savings on all other compressed blocks. We provided implementation for both of these methods and then experimentally evaluated their performance on artificial and real data. Our new decoding algorithm is very competitive in practice as it beats the existing decoding implementations on longer blocks. We have been able to also measure the speedup of data structure FM-index, which with our version of bit vector achieved over 10% speedup for longer blocks. The one-sided variant of hybrid implementation turned out to be interesting for sparse sequences. The two-sided variant, however, did not bring interesting practical results.

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