Názov:Optimistic Design Pattern in eUTxO Models
Vedúci:Ing. István Szentandrási, PhD.
Kµúčové slová:smart contracts, DeFi, Cardano, eUTxO, design pattern, concurrency issue
Abstrakt:Smart contracts offer a way to enforce specific logic in decentralized computations on blockchains. Extended unspent transaction output (eUTxO) model introduces smart contract functionality to the UTxO model known from Bitcoin or Cardano. Due to its novelty, there exists only little research on design patterns of such contracts. In this text we help to fill in the gaps and introduce an optimistic design pattern which is a solution to circumvent the limited scope of smart contracts in the eUTxO model in the quest of fighting the concurrency issue decentralized applications face when the state centralization is needed. We also demonstrate this approach on a sample decentralized application.

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